Born on January 14th, 1981 in Holesov, Czech republic, where she lived untill she turned ten. Afterward she moved to Bratislava, Slovakia where she remaind nowadays. Her first contact with electronic music was back in 1996 in U.Club which was the only club offering this type of music and now is still one of the best known clubs in Slovakia and whole Europe. This club has been source of Mayla's musical views, fun, work occasions and finally after some time also beginning of her career as a djane. Her first public gig took place in Roomclub at Beginner night in small town Senec near Bratislava and later she started tour in Czech republic where she appeared in club Svet in Kromeriz, in Pavlovice u Kojetina, in Ostrava, etc. In Slovakia Mayla has appeared  in the best club - in U.Club (nowdays Ucko where she still appears regulary), in club Elam on the biggest club event Doubledecker and in clubs in Sala, Nitra, Kosice, Nove Zamky and also in Szolnok in Hungary. In her short career Mayla has played with such djs as Takaaki Itoh, Pelacha, Toky, Dalo, HU, Miss Renny, Agent, Nika 77 and many others. Mayla's style is slovak style dynamic techno.

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