HU was into football, later into electronic music. Started djing at the age of 17, producing own track a year later. Soon he confirmed his own position on the global techno scene with releasing five 12” records on his label BACKSTAGE with a worldwide success, especially in Spain. You could find his tracks also on british label INCEPTIVE (“Mary, Hu & Anna” EP) and Slovakian Palicavonzvreca label. In 2008 HU released digital only LP called “Detroix”, sampler 12” EP followed as Backstage#6. These days he also works on more mellow round 130bpm melodic funkytech dance music.

  HU has been playing in SPAIN, BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS, POLAND, UKRAINE, CROATIA, BOSNA & HERCEGOVINA, CZECH REPUBLIC and in SLOVAKIA – for exmple at the biggest summer festival POHODA FESTIVAL (2002-2004).

hu......boss......cosmo......toky......benco......mayla......tibor......takaaki itoh......loktibrada......svetlux......anti





HU - the best of... (backstage01)

HU - like a virgin (backstage02)

HU - bedtime story (backstage03)

HU - som sam, rad dam (backstage04)

HU - wishful thinking (backstage05)

HU - mary, hu & anna (inceptive03)

HU - kocur v trube (one track in pvc05

HU - O+J remixes (Olga+jozef10)

HU - Detroix sampler EP (backstage06)

HU - Detroix LP (backstage DIGI1LP)

HU - Back In EP (backstage DIGI2)

HU - Back Catalogue selection (backstage DIGI4LP)

HU - Rino meets Zebra EP (backstage DIGI5)

Ivek & HU - O+J Who is playing (one track in lfb06)