Successful Dj and producer in Europe. In his early years he listened to the all kinds of electronic music, which influenced him in making his own music. In 1995 he began the experiments with the sounds. Keeping his interest about the music, Boss sent some demo-tracks to the label Kne deep rec. where the producers like Dj Rush, Mark Verbos, WJH, Paul Langley released their tracks. He was invited to smaller and bigger party events all around Slovakia. Done remixes for Puffboy on Stickman rec. and Klirfactor rec., room tone rec., PVC, Decomplex audio became a challenge. These productions have given him a chance to play abroad and to show his music around the Europe. People could listen to his mastership in Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Poland, Netherlands, Hungary and Czech Republic. With his good sense for the mix and making good atmosphere he came into the hearts of clubbers.

hu......boss......cosmo......toky......benco......mayla......tibor......takaaki itoh......loktibrada......svetlux......anti





Dj Boss - Kombucha EP

V/A remixes - Boss remix

Dj Boss - Mastership EP

Dj Boss - Parameter Jedna Ep

Dj Boss - Parameter Dva Ep

V/A - Techex 01

V/A - Techex 02

V/A - Antidandruff

Puffboy - Mind Bugs (Dj Boss rmx)

Dj Boss, Christian Varela - Worldwide Error

V/A - fylo 3

Rob Jarvis & Slavo - Complex EP

v/A - Taka,Boss, R+D

A. Kremer - way of the drum (Boss pressure mix)

M. Fuentes - Scheiss nazis (Boss rmx)

Audiotechture - Aplication II (Boss rmx)

Andreas Kremer - Base in your face (Boss mix)

Harald Klotzberg - rekursion (Boss 4xU rmx)